Are you ready to make the most of the red hot real estate market while ensuring the best value for your future Providence home? We’ve got you covered with our innovative purchase option tailored just for you.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Select Your Dream Home: Select your preferred home design and location in the next stage of the Resort.
  • Sell Your Current Home: List your current home within 4 weeks of securing your Providence home and we’ll freeze the current price for you and offer a generous discount based on how long you wait for your new home.
  • Secure Your Providence Home: Upon the sale of your home, pay a deposit of 90% on your Providence home.
  • Enjoy Big Savings: The final payment will be discounted by an amount of 6% PA of your 90% deposit.

Let’s Break it Down with an Example:

  • Home Price: $600,000
  • 90% Deposit: $540,000
  • Discount: $2,700 per month
  • Waiting 9 months for your home: $2,700 x 9 = $24,300 off the total purchase price.

Why This Option Is Helpful In This Market:

  • Stay Ahead of Rising Costs: Protect yourself from escalating build costs.
  • Get Your Dream Home First: Secure your favourite home design before others do.
  • Make the Most of Today’s Market: Capitalise on the current home sales market.
  • Retiree Benefits: Self-funded retirees enjoy the equivalent of a tax free 6% PA return from your home’s tied-up capital.
  • Pensioner-Friendly: No need to report the discount as income, protecting your benefits.
  • Cover Extra Expenses: The $2,700 per month (example) discount can help with accommodation or storage costs.

For more information on how to downsize your home and upsize your life with Providence, contact Blake or Mark today and begin your journey toward lifestyle living!

Information in this article is true and correct as of June 5, 2024.