It will be a big finish to 2023 at Piara Waters Lifestyle Resort with a swag of new homeowners due to move in just in time to spend their first Christmas at the Resort.

In keeping with the fun music theme of the resort we are proud to open up Maggie May street (a tribute to the super talented Rod Stewart) which will be home to Stages 3b and 3c.

I am looking forward to seeing these 24 homes along this strip finished in the coming months. It is certainly still a challenging building environment in Perth with limited trades and escalating costs, but we are pushing through each step to ensure completion dates are kept on schedule. Following these stages, we move toward Stage 3d which we estimate will be ready for occupation by second quarter of 2024. This stage gives time for buyers to plan ahead and also offers a new design called “Billie Jean” – named after the legendary Michael Jackson. This design is super cute, (2×1) and will be attractive for those on a budget or living solo.

The Clubhouse is a mammoth building project which is well underway. It’s hard to get excited when all the works are happening underground with civils as you can’t “see” anything…but now that there are some vertical structures going up, we are all feeling more upbeat.

We will have 3 pools which are now dug, framed and poured. Water is such an important part to exercise, relaxation, fun and visual aesthetics so we have invested hugely in this area. Complete with a large indoor heated pool, a huge spa big enough for 20, and a beach entry outdoor pool. My colleague and I are creating a 5 star feel to the pool areas, with extensive sun decks to lounge the afternoons away and recharge in a beautiful tropical setting.

We are creating some spectacular features throughout the Clubhouse – both internally with beautiful décor and attention to detail, as well as externally, with the expansive verandahs, courtyards and private gardens. Anticipated completion for the Clubhouse will be Winter 2024.

In the meantime, Piara Waters as a whole is really transforming, with many new land estates being developed, a handy service station, new shopping centre and the recently rebuilt CY Oconnors Tavern – all within walking distance to the Resort.

Information in this article is true and correct as of August 29, 2023.